Message from the heart

Ariel lim
May 4, 2021

 Tears streaming down my face, I place my hands over my heart.
 Emotions pouring out, I feel it deeply in my gut. 
 Overwhelmed, I hold and embrace all of myself. 
 Remembering that I am only human, with the right to fully experience. 
 There’s no need to hold back, let it all out, child. 
 Know that I am there, when you call out loud. 
 Now breathe. Breathe as if this is your last. 
 Take in another breath, as if this is your only chance to love. 
 Let the world see you, hear you, feel you. 
 With open arms, here I am, now and always. 
 Night and day cheering you on. 
 So don’t hold back, it’s time to come out.
 You are here to fill the world with boundless love.  

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