Morning yoga with Ariel is very effective to begin the day full of energy. It is most helpful as it helps me bring peace to my mind and connect it with my body if a full stretch session. Ariel is the sweetest instructor, fully prepared and careful to get everyone individual attention according to their needs.

Camila Martinez Castelli

I would like to say a great big thank you to Ariel for the private 1-2-1 yoga session for my husband and I, and the massages for me. We not only felt good after the yoga session, we also felt connected not only with ourselves but also to each other as a couple. The busy lives we lead have caused us to neglect ourselves and also each other. The breathing exercise was the most helpful and it calmed me right down, especially when I’m so highly strung and stressed. I wished that I had more time to do the 1-2-1 sessions with you

Ching Walker-Arnott

Ariel’s practice is one which anyone can jump into because she works with you, where you are at! She makes helpful adjustments based on your body and abilities, reading your strengths and your challenges very well. By the end of her class it’s impossible not to absorb some of her tranquil strength and calming energy.


Ariel is amazing! I wasn’t a big yoga fan before, because I never could keep up with that inhale-exhale thing, but thanks to Ariel it is not a problem anymore. After our sessions I feel so calm and relaxed and I cannot wait for the next one. I like how delicate Ariel is about each student and that she notices all mistakes we make and gently corrects us. If you are a newbie like I am, I definitely recommend you to start your yoga experience with Ariel.


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